What is Free to Laugh?

Some 100,000 children and youth are being sold for sex in the United States, most of whom were picked up as runaways. Over 1,000 girls run away each year in Pima County, and according national statistics, 1/3 of these girls are approached by sex traffickers within 48 hours of leaving home. We believe that if governmental agencies, churches, businesses and individuals stand up in our community to address this issue, we can make a difference and save many young girls’ futures.

Free to Laugh is a citywide event that enables anyone who cares about the cause to make a difference. Because 100% of the $20 ticket price goes to child trafficking prevention and aftercare programs, everyone who attends a show is part of the solution!  Each year, all proceeds from ticket sales go directly into fighting child sex trafficking in southern Arizona, which is possible because of generous donations from concerned individuals and organizations that cover all event expenses.  This is another of Free to Laugh’s distinctive features, and we are looking for people who believe in this cause to help us raise the remaining funds needed to put on this event.

The two parts of the name adequately describe our purpose:

  • Free to Laugh: We will give ourselves freedom to laugh together in celebration of some remarkable people on the front lines of the fight to end child rape for profit.
  • Laugh to Free: We take pleasure in the fact that our evening of laughter will provide freedom to victims of this unspeakable evil through a significant donation to organizations that specialize in survivor care.

Where do I get tickets?

Tickets are available by clicking on the “Ticket” tab above to purchase and print an e-ticket, or at Mama’s Pizza stores around Tucson.

Who does Free to Laugh help?

This year, every penny collected through ticket sales will go to Sold No More, a non-profit organization focusing on public awareness and education in order to prevent more children from being victimized.  Sold No More also works with law enforcement agencies and those working with youth in order to help identify and rescue girls caught in sex trafficking and direct them toward the care they need to heal and be restored to the life God intended for them.

Where will Free to Laugh be held?

The event will be held in the 2,000 seat auditorium at Victory Worship Center. We hope to sell out!

Is this event appropriate for children?

All Free to Laugh comedians are “clean,” which means they do not use inappropriate language or sexual innuendo. While the humor is definitely geared toward adults, older children will also enjoy the show.  When deciding whether to bring your child, please keep in mind that the topic of child sex slavery will be mentioned at times during the program.

How did Free to Laugh start?

Free to Laugh: Laugh to Free began at Bethany Bible Church in Phoenix as a simple plan to use clean comedy to bring people together in the fight against child sex slavery. The event was more successful than they imagined and raised tens of thousands of dollars for the cause. Since then, Free to Laugh comedy events have been held in several cities around the U.S., all raising thousands of dollars to help local organizations on the frontlines of the fight against sex trafficking.  This year, also on Mother’s Day weekend, the same comedians will be at the Phoenix Free to Laugh event at Comerica Theatre.